ALTRA is a group of passionate individuals committed to reducing injuries & better running technique through biomechanically proper footwear.


Runner's think differently. Running clears the mind, rejuvenates the body, and frees the soul. We know because we RUN! From 100 meters to 100 miles we have run and raced the distance. Yet after all the years of running we never felt the balance between footwear and nature had been achieved.


Over 30 years in running specialty we felt the need in the market for something different. Bringing Zero Drop, Foot Shape, Gender Specific Running Shoes. Through our experience as former retail store managers, biomechanical experts, and industry professionals, we combined to make a line of natural footwear which blends barefoot freedom with shod protection.







Why another running shoe company?


There are dozens of them…and starting a new one was not something I wanted to do. However, after careful consideration of what my cousin Jeremy was presenting me, I knew we had to do it. As a previous All-American runner & running store manager, I had been lobbying the big shoe companies for years to make more natural footwear that didn't cause people to heel strike and yet nothing changed.


After cutting down the heels and testing "Zero Drop" shoes for quite some time, we had watched it eliminate injuries & change many lives for the good–even bringing running back into the lives of those who thought it was impossible, including Jeremy. Soon we were designing prototypes. Little did I know, "Born to Run" would soon be unleashed on the world…changing the face of running forever.


Running technique has always been huge in my family. My dad blew out his knee playing college football and was told he would never run again. He learned to avoid heel striking & run with proper technique to pull the pressure off his knee. Since then, he has won major marathons, worked for running shoe companies, modified/tinkered with a lot of shoes and built our dream running store in the Rocky Mountains.


Nearly 20 years after starting the store, we still felt there was a large gap for truly biomechanically correct footwear. We just didn’t have the tools we needed to help people as much as we would have liked to. Being research geeks, we had long believed that a shoe shouldn't encourage a heel strike and should let the body move naturally.


As I told Jeremy about what we believed a shoe should be, and knowing we wouldn't see it any time soon, he convinced me that we had to go for it. We made connections with some of the the best engineers, designers and biomechanical experts in the world, along with some of the best hearts and minds in business. We added Brian Beckstead, an accomplished UltraMarathoner and running store manager.


Together, we have worked tirelessly to bring the most natural footwear possible to the masses. We believe our footwear will reduce injuries, make a difference, as well as make running more fun than ever.


Golden Harper